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Welcome to the CLTA neighborhood

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You might wonder why I felt the need to make a website. I happen to think that this is the best neighborhood in all of Tucson, and I'm proud to live here. Sure, the grass is lush and we've got more large trees than any other neighborhood I've seen in this city, but it's more than that. Most of my friends don't even know the names of their neighbors, and the idea of even chatting with them is unheard of, let alone having parties and get togethers. Calle Lampara has a neighborhood spirit that's sadly lacking in most of America today, and this is my little contribution to that. I hope this site can serve as a way of documenting that community spirit. On occasion, I'll post notices about what's going on in the neighborhood and maybe even a schedule of planned get-togethers.

Our neighborhood is also alive with plants and animals, and since I'm interested in the things that live around us I thought this could be a fun way to share what I've learned about the abudant desert life.

If you have any ideas on how to make this website better, or have articles or pictures you want me to post, please feel free to email me with them. Do know, however, that this is a personal website, not a political one. I try my best to stay away from controversy, so I will not be addressing any issues or conflicts that might take place.

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